The Beginning of Everything

I was introduced to the world of jewelry making in 2003 at the age of 15 when I met a group of traveling jewelry makers. The journey started in Xalapa - my hometown - in the state of Veracruz, Mexico. It’s a big state, very green, and with amazing jungles, rivers, beaches, and incredible places to camp out. My new friends showed me simple beginner techniques with which I created my very first pair of earrings. From there I was hooked. I began to travel myself, and met more and more traveling jewelry makers. At some point along the way I realized I was now one of them! Suddenly I was selling my creations all around Mexico, Central America, and into South America.

While I was traveling and creating my jewelry, I became really interested in learning where all the natural stones that I was using came from. I began to take interest in the local mines - direct to the source! My first mine was the amethyst quartz mine located close to Xalapa. That visit changed the way I see everything. Seeing the gems glistening right where they were formed was a huge inspiration for my jewelry-making, and opened my eyes further to the beauty of not only the gems I use, but the natural world we live in.

Over time, I've learned other techniques such as macrame with Brazilian wax string and leatherwork. Through it all, however, gems and metalsmithing have always remained my passion. The network of amazing jewelry makers I have made through my travels have always, and will always, inspire me to keep creating and to keep honing my craft. I'm so grateful to have met them. Today I’m happily based in Portland, Maine, and still keep in touch with those I met in the early days.

To see me in action and to check more of my designs, find me on instagram: @emetalydesigns